t̓čxʷuy̓ iʔ qaqxʷl̓x/ Salmon Runs 2021

Our Spring Salmon Run mini-galas will take the place in May, June and July of 2021.  Please watch this space for reservations and ticketing (available in April 2021).

Our Salmon Run mini-galas are COVID safe- held outdoors, each with a maximum of 35 guests, with social distancing and face coverings when not eating or drinking.

Three traditional salmon runs on our local rivers were in the spring (n̓ty̓tyix- chinook), early summer (kísuʔ- coho), and late summer (tʕan̓yaʔ- late sockeye). From these salmon, we have named our three Salmon Run events:

N̓ty̓tyix Salmon Run, May 2021. Exact date TBA.

Kísuʔ Salmon Run, June 2021Exact date TBA.

Tʕan̓yaʔ Salmon Run, August 2021.  Exact date TBA.

Salmon Run tickets are $100 per person. Only 35 seats available.

At each Salmon Run, guests will have dinner and drinks on the campus of Salish School of Spokane, will learn some Salish, be entertained by Salish School of Spokane students and staff, and will have the opportunity to make a donation or pledge of support for Salish School of Spokane.

Tax Status


Salish School of Spokane is a non-profit public charity with 501(c)3 status under Internal Revenue Service code.  Our tax identification number is: 27-1126478.  75% of the the cost of Salmon Runs tickets are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS code.